Vanessa & Matheus

A tale of a magical journey, where the magnificent scenery of Sirmione and Venezia provided the backdrop for the celebration of love. 
Our journey began in the medieval village of Sirmione, where the walls of the Scaligero Castle guard the secret of a city that seems suspended in time. Here, in the soft morning light, the couple surrendered to the beauty of the place, expressing their love with a gesture, a glance, a smile.
But the journey did not stop there. Our journey continued in the most romantic city par excellence: Venezia. Here, we immersed ourselves in the charm of the canali and calli, capturing the couple's love in a gondola, with the backdrop of ancient palaces and the Grand Canal.
Under the golden light of sunset, the beauty of Venezia was expressed in every corner, transforming each shot into a work of art that speaks of beauty, love, and poetry. And it is precisely in this enchanted setting that the couple was photographed, celebrating their love in one of the most romantic places in the world.
Sirmione and Venezia, two charming and timeless places, that have seen love come to life before their eyes.
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